Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boggs and Boulders Offroad Adventure Park.

Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast welcomes Boggs and Boulders Offroad Adventure Park to our area.

Their goal is to offer you southern hospitality and hope you enjoy every minute of your weekend vacation with them. Whether you want to relax, lay back and take in all the action around their huge 10,000 square ft Pavilion, Campgrounds, Cool Pool, or maybe the Mud Pie Cafe.

Bring your dirtbike, 4-wheeler, sidebyside atv, jeep, mud buggy, rock crawler, 100ton army tank, 4x4 truck, your wife's SUV, HARLEY DAVIDSON, crotch rocket, hiking gear, mountain climbing stuff, or swimsuit. They have something for You and it's somewhere on their beautiful, scenic 850 acres. They even have Caves to explore or camp in.

They have 3 lakes on the property for you to camp beside, or just sit on the many picnic tables, positioned all around the waters edge in the shade, and admire the beauty of the water and wildlife. They have mild rolling hills mixed with timberland and pastures (even cattle and buffalo at large in places). They have slick red hills, sand hills, rocky hills, xx steep rock bluffs for the rock crawling crowd (all natural, not man made), and GUESS WHAT?? YES they have just what everybody loves, MUDDDDDD! and lots of it. It's natural too, not man made. Black mud flats. Acres of them. Some shallow, some deep, be prepared for both, or either be a woozie, and take all the bypass trails around the fun.

Like I said they have something for everyone to enjoy, young or old, experienced or not so experienced, miles and miles of marked trails for you to hike, or ride.

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Ricky and Laura Oswald

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