Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Reception Centers Landscape Designers Challenge

Hi Everyone,
We have a blank canvas for our newly built reception center and would like to invite you to our "Wedding Reception Centers Landscape Designers Challenge". So, if you would like to submit a drawing for consideration, please send it to We will review them and decide on a winner.
Some problem areas that need to be addressed is:
We have a lot of shade, so plants will have to love the shade to prosper!
Grass does not grow well in the shaded areas.
Lot of trees, so therefore a lot of roots.
Easy maintinance is a must.
We would also like an outdoor wedding area to be created between the reception center and the chapel (shaded as well)

Good Luck with your drawing and we can't wait to see your plans! If you would like more pictures or information, please let me know.
Ricky and Laura Oswald

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