Monday, November 16, 2009

Enjoy the benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast

The benefits of staying at a Bed and breakfast are like none other! Nothing is more comforting than having that "home" feeling when you are away from home. That's what makes bed and breakfasts so special.

Staying at a bed and breakfast has some important advantages. Since it is often run by local people, you not only get a bed and breakfast, you get a personal tour guide too. Your "hosts" can tell you about the local attractions and suggest interesting places for you to eat. And for serious shoppers, your host could guide you to all the best shopping areas and show you where the best bargains are.

Making reservations at a bed and breakfast is as easy as 1-2-3. The information available is comprehensive and often at the click of your computer mouse.

If you are looking for a cozy atmosphere then a bed and breakfast is exactly what you need. Compared to a large hotel a bed and breakfast can provide a warm and cozy atmosphere. These facilities are often run by a family who contribute to the friendly atmosphere for people who are away from their own homes.

A bed and breakfast supplies exactly what the name suggests: a comfortable bed and delicious breakfast! The travelers who choose to stay at a bed and breakfast get treated more like "friends" then like "customers". The bed is usually very comfortable, and the breakfast is usually fabulous in contrast to the "continental breakfast" that comes free in a large hotel.

So does a bed a breakfast sound like something that might be right for you? Just think, you get a bed, a delicious home made breakfast, and a personal host! Sounds like a memorable experience. Visit us today at Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast!

Ricky and Laura Oswald

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